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[GB] RGB Knob - 1 knob, 6 custom layers, unlimited fun. ENDED (27th).

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Welcome, introducing the

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(All pictures above are real)
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Experience a smoother way of controlling your device without having to use keyboard shortcuts or manually controlling it on your screen.
The RGB Knob is a compact and beautiful case that lets you use the most common controls at a click of a button.
With 6 easily accessible layers, you can control your volume, brightness, scrolling, RGB modes, changing between screens, adding custom shortcuts for your favourite software, and more! Works on your phone too.
Connected via magnets, the RGB Knob is a compact and minimalistic controller that sits perfectly on your desk, with its 30 mini RGB LEDs that bring a beautiful ambient to your setup.

6 Costumizable Layers
With 6 layers, you can customize each one individually for all your needs. Creativity is your only limit (well, almost).

To see the layers on your knob hold & rotate, 6 colors will be displayed as you do it. To select one, point the knob to the color of your choice (the brightest color is the one being selected).
Configuring each individual layer is just as easy. Your RGB Knob comes flashed with QMK software and you will have 6 functional layers right out of the box but you can edit what each actions does in a click of a button with our custom built-in-browser "software. Go to with a chromium based browser and connect your RGB Knob. (To connect, press Connect to device > RGBKnob > Connect).

Succeeding the connection, you will be greeted with the same colors as in your knob. You can select each one and specify what your actions do for: left-turning, right-turning and press.
In the pictures below you can see the menu where you can edit the layers, and all the commands you're offered for each.

The amount of commands you can add into a single knob is amazing. If you're curious, here are my personal current layers on the RGBKnob:
- Layer 1: Volume up & down, press to stop all sounds
- Layer 2: Left & right arrows, press for spacebar - Use to fast-forward/rewind videos (YouTube, prime, Netflix, etc..) and stop/start when needed
- Layer 3: Page up & down - Use to scroll on website
- Layer 4: Volume up & down, press for shortcut to mute/unmute my microphone on Zoom calls and control the audio from it.
- Layer 5: Screen brightness up & down
- Layer 6: RGB modes and toggle off/on to go trough all the RGB modes or to turn it off when I don't want to see light

You can easily customize your Knob to fit your needs and add any shortcuts for apps (Illustrator, Photoshop, Games, Work, etc...)

For the top and bottom of the case we used magnets to hold both. Makes the opening of the RGB Knob much easier and it's definitely a very nice feeling to let the case close on it's own.[the side of the knob has a hole for the screw to hold on the encoder, no wobble exists when using your knob](video from our old prototype, rose color does not exist & the texture on the actual concept is smoother)

80 USD (black, grey, pine green, dark blue, dark purple) - anodised aluminium 6061
90 USD (e-white) electrophoresis aluminium 6061

Shipping & customs not included.

Pre-orders available now at Ends 27th of January, 2022.Full link:


(pictures from the first prototypes made by KBDfans)
Fun fact, few weeks ago we had the knob with 8 layers instead of 6 which was insane. We are keeping at 6 because we feel it is a great number of layers already for a single knob. Unless....if a lot you want more layers, we will do a google form soon to confirm that so anyone who wants can have 6 or 8 layers. (I assume 30 layers would possible too lol)
RGBKnob PDF guide


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If you're interested, you can check our initial IC (some minor details might be out of date)here

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by kbd //

So just bought one from KBDFans and got hit with California tax, weird never seen that from a foreign retailer before. $110 shipped to CA, kind of pricy - but +1 for a very interesting product 👍.


--- Quote from: lecorsair on Wed, 05 January 2022, 13:07:45 ---So just bought one from KBDFans and got hit with California tax, weird never seen that from a foreign retailer before. $110 shipped to CA, kind of pricy - but +1 for a very interesting product 👍.

--- End quote ---

Sorry about that bud. Definitely not expected, but unfortunately since it is KBDfans that deals with the pricing part, I can't really help. But we really appreciate your support and I'm confident the purchase you made will turn out to be worth it!  :)


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