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[GB] RGB Knob - 1 knob, 6 custom layers, unlimited fun. ENDED (27th).

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--- Quote from: MajorEngi on Thu, 27 January 2022, 12:54:46 ---I am not sure if I missed it, but can the RGB be turned off and slowly fill the bar as you rotate the knob.  For example if you are controlling sound and you want to turn it to 50% can you rotate the knob and the rgb light would only fill up to the 50% along with the turning of the dial?
Hope that made sense.

--- End quote ---

Hey MajorEngi, that would be an amazing idea but unfortunately it won't be possible. In order to do that, we would basically have to make a custom program that would run 24/7, essentially a custom driver. That would be needed so the computer could communicate with the RGB Knob and tell what percentage of volume it currently has. :thumb:

Bummer, I thought it was live until the end of the month.  :-[


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