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- Introduction
- Design
- Product Pictures
- Group Buy Information
- Spec
- What’s in the package
- Colorways
- Customize Options
- Summary of changes/improvements from R1


Hi all, this is ClickClack!

Over the past few months, we have been collecting feedback and working with Vertex Studio to finalize the design for Angle (International version/R2) and now we are very excited to announce that Angle is ready for the Group Buy! Most importantly, we would like to thank everyone for the continuous support, which made this project possible! Your feedback and suggestions have played a very important role in the final design and lots of changes have been made accordingly. Also, credit to S7even from Vertex for taking all these wonderful product photos of R2 prototypes.


You can refer to our Vertex Angle Interest Check in GH.

Product Photos (not renders)
The following photos are all shot with physical prototype units. Due to the lighting and atmosphere setup for photography, final product may differ and for reference only.

Group Buy Information

Groupbuy Period: 01/26/2022 - 02/27/2022
Estimate fulfillment date: Q3 2022
Price: from $399
Sale Type: Unlimited
Pricing detail and where to join this GB:

Where to ask questions:


►Typing angle: 8°
►Front height: 20.5mm (include feet)
- Case: Anodized or Coated 6063-T5 Aluminum
- Weight: Anodized 6063-T5 Aluminum/Sandblasted Brass/PVD Stainless Steel
- Internal Badge: PVD Stainless Steel
-Daughter Board Cover: PVD Brass
►Mount: Leaf spring with foam gasket
►Unbuilt Keyboard Weight: 2.3kg - 3kg
- F13 - WKL - ANSI
- F13 - WK - ANSI
- F12 - WKL - ANSI
- F12 - WK - ANSI
- F13 - WKL - ISO
- F13 - WK - ISO
- F12 - WKL - ISO
- F12 - WK - ISO

Typing sound recording collection.

What‘s in the package

- Case x 1 (Set)
- Weight x 1 (Piece)
- PVD Stainless Steel Internal Badge x 2 (Piece)
- PVD Brass Daughterboard Cover x 1 (Piece)
- Plate x 1 (Piece)
- PCB x 1 (Piece)
- ai03 Unified Daughterboard x 1 (Piece)
- PORON Pad x 1 (Piece)
- Foam Gasket (4x9mm) x 2 (Set)
- Foam Gasket (2x5mm) x 2 (Set)
- Silicon Feet x 6 (Piece)
- Silicon Corner Piece x 6 (Piece)
- ESD Protection Sheet x 1 (Piece)
- Switch Muting CR Foam Sheet x 1 (Piece)
- Vertex Stabilizer Shim x 1 (Wafer)
- Tools and Screws x multiple


Crow (Anodized Black): from $399

Lunar (Anodized Silver): from $399

Chainmail (Anodized Dark Gray): from $439

Lilac (Anodized Lilac): from $439

Fog (Anodized Light Blue): from $439

Bordeaux (Anodized Dark Red Top, Anodized Black Bottom): from $439

We are collaborating with China's No.1 Customize Keyboard Studio Matrix Lab to bring their premium coating technology to Angle.

Venus (Coating Bone White): from $465

Rock (Coating Cool Gray): from $465

Acorn (Coating Brown Top, Coating Light Brown Bottom): from $465

Lolo (Coating Sage): from $465

Starry (Coating Starry Black): from $465

Customize Options

Weight Options

Weight is included in keyboard price, you cannot purchase additional.

- Anodized Alu Gold (Only available with Lunar/Crow): from $399
- Anodized Alu Black (Only available with Lunar/Crow): from $399

- Sandblasted Brass: from $439
- PVD Stainless Steel Gunmetal: from $495
- PVD Stainless Steel Black: from $495

Plate Options

►Included Plate Options
Angle include one of these 3 plate options:
- Half Alu
- Alu
- PC
To make your choice easier, the included aluminium plate color is set by Vertex for best aesthetics for each case colorway.

►Extra Plate Options
Every extra plate comes with a PORON Pad and 4 sets of Foam Gasket:
- Alu (Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Red): $40
- Half Alu (Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Red): $40
- PC: $40
- FR4: $30
- PVD Black Brass: $65

Extra Soldered PCB

Comes with Vertex Stabilizer Shim and Switch Muting CR Foam Sheet.

Internal Badge Customization

►Customize Internal Badge Options::
- Included Internal Badges with customized text: $35
- Additional pairs of Internal Badges with customized text: $49

►Text requirement:
- Characters are limited to numbers 0 - 9, the letters A - Z (both uppercase and lowercase)
- Number of characters on each : 0-15
- Font: Agency FB - Bold

Summary of changes/improvements from R1

- Redesign of daugher board space and JST cable channel (sound profile related)
- Replaced Vertex’s own daughter board with ai03 Unifed Daughter Board
- Uses standalone silicon Corner Pieces instead of integrated with mid layer (sound profile related)
- For mid layer, replaced Silicon Pad with PORON LE-20 (sound profile related)
- More Plate options: PC, Half Alu, FR4, PVD Brass (sound profile related)
- Optimized flex cut on plates (sound profile related)
- Changed screw spec


Nice, I'm in. The wait from IC is finally over.


Great to see the changes that were made and all the options!  :thumb:


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