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Lexmark M15, what would you replace it with?

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Get a good grip on your chairs, but I was dumpster diving in the electronic recycling box at work and found this weird clacky key split keyboard made by Lexmark.  Sat under my desk for a few months and I _nearly threw it away_.

Okay, you done cursing me?  We'll continue.

My stupid crap MS 4000 keyboard space bar has gotten worse and worse so I'm looking to replace it but can't find anything, and the Kinesis Freestyle looks cool, but crap key switches (wtf?), and then suddenly I realize I have this weird keyboard at work, so I bring it home.  It looks BRAND NEW, no wear, no dirt, all the feet, springs, the knob and mechanism, all in perfect shape.  So I hook it up (PS2) and it's working perfectly, typing on it right now..

I started googling and was....  surprised to say the least.... how rare and desirable this keyboard is.  So now here's the dumb question;

What would you replace it with?  Honestly I'm not sure I want to keep it, but just because seeing how much it can go for on ebay I figure I can get a keyboard for a third (or less) of the selling price and the remaining money do whatever with.  Although the more I use it, the more I want to keep it...  but wanted to ask anyway, and say hi, since I've been browsing this forum since finding it on Google related to the M15.  :)

And since pics or it didn't happen....  Excuse the poor shots, just grabbed 'em from my phone, if I do sell it of course I'm going to take pictures with the real camera..

You are one lucky sum*****. :p

Welcome to Geekhack!

If you like the feel of the IBM M15 then you'd like other buckling spring keyboards, such as the IBM Model M, IBM Model M13, Unicomp Customizer/Space Saver/Endurapro. The Unicomp Space Saver is the same as the original IBM Model M, but slightly lighter feeling and has a much smaller case, less unnecessary bezel. The Endurapro is the same thing, but with a laptop-style trackpoint mouse.

Anyway, I'd recommend listing that M15 on ebay at $200 with a reserve of $350 and watch how things go from there. Could go for $500-$800 if you're lucky.

I wasn't very clear, I DO want an ergo keyboard, but yes I do like the very nice keys of this one..  I've never liked M models very much because of the noise but you eventually get used to it I suppose.  I don't think I could use it in the office, share with someone else and these aren't really near-neighbor friendly ;)

I wish Unicomp sold something similar, I'd drop by and grab one ;)  But the only mechanical ergo I can find seems to be this one?  I'm getting closer and closer to just keeping it, but I'm half thinking I could use the money and the other half thinking that my 4 year old will spill orange juice in it if I'm not careful (even though she has her own computer, kids like using dad's computer...)  She's already asked me why my new keyboard is "broken".  :D

I am really digging the flexibility of separated halves on this keyboard, not sure I want to go back to a solid keyboard even though the Northgate Ergonomic looks nice, even though it looks huge..

If Unicomp made ergonomic Ms the M15 wouldn't be worth half as much. ;)

It's up to you, mate.

In Stereo!:
I think you'll sorry for giving this one away. :)


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