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Lexmark M15, what would you replace it with?

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Oh, gotcha.  I misunderstood.  

Mine arrived in total pieces, it's not tough to reassemble, just a little tricky to slide the metal disk things into the grooves.  I bought mine to mod but don't have time now so I might sell it.

Thanks for all the replies and info guys, now I know my google-fu wasn't completely off; there's just very little option out there anymore.  As with a lot of posts I found here, I liked the layout of the MS Ergo's but the switches BLOW, so there are options in fixed keyboards with better keys, I've written them down "just in case".

I think I will keep the board, particularly the suggestion that they only get more rare and desirable ;)  And from what I've seen of some boards recovered from heaps of wet garbage, hopefully this one can survive a 4 year old nearby.  She knows she's not supposed to touch my computer, but I've already heard the keys clacking a few times in the last few days and come in here and she's "petting the cat" and the screens are on and screensaver timeout ticking down....  Mmmm hmmmmm..

I'm still getting used to the layout, i wish it had about 6" more cable honestly, although just another inch or two would be great..  I could have them almost straight out from my chair arms.  But what I've done right now works well for me, still almost exactly the same as in the Picasa link in the first post.  My treasured Logitech Marble in the middle works out pretty well.  :)

Only thing that I would really want is an enter key on the lefthand side would be awesome, I can't think of a specific reason but I keep finding myself wanting to hit enter over there.  And the occasional one-handed typing (sandwich, or kid asleep in lap on an arm, etc....) is rough ;)  But the primary use is awesome.  I'm going to look around for smallish wrist pads, perhaps those from the "mouse pads" and just chop off the mouse pad part.

Only complain about the keyboard is I'd really like to raise them up in the front with the foot, but it's not stable in that mode if the halves are separated, as the foot is only on the inside.  I might look around for a way to raise them up a bit, I'm sure I can come up with something.  I put my contact cases under 'em to tinker around and they feel much nicer with them under there, but I have enough trouble finding the cases in the morning without them being under my keyboard..  *squints*

I think I'll keep reading on the board, and try not to become a.... keyboard-a-holic?  You guys are nuts, and it's pretty cool.  :)  And I'll keep my eyes open at work, they, um, made these there and all ;)  Maybe I'll get super lucky AGAIN.  I know I've seen some traditional clackies there, although I couldn't fathom guesses what exact ones I've seen.  Any I see around that are being tossed I'll certainly rescue.

lol, good luck not becoming a keyboard-o-holic. I started out with a measly single Model M and now I've got three shelves full of keyboards (most of them only acquired Friday and going in the trash as soon as I get the keycaps off, but still ;)).

Keyboards being rescued from trash are my favorite stories.  That's how I acquired Northy (in my signature) and many other favorites.

If you work somewhere that has access to these suckers then seriously keep your eyes open.  Ask the maintenance people if you have a stash of them, or if there are storage closets with old computer gear - those are often the best places to look.


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