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Lexmark M15, what would you replace it with?

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There aren't that many options out there, especially if you count only the proper mechanical adjustable-split keyboards.

Keep it, see if you like it. You might suffer seller's regret otherwise.

Some other options, but your board is a serious score.  I want it.  :)
Something like the Kinesis with cherry browns would be quieter than your buckling springs.  Most of the ALPS will be comparable in noise.

Northgate Omni Evolution - ALPS switches  (avail with or without trackpad)

Datadesk - ALPS switches.  Cool key alignment/stagger.

Kinesis - Multiple Cherry MX switches available

Cherry MX5000 - very hard to find.  Cherry MX switches.


Also the utron that Rip posted with Topres.

If you want a quiet, traditional rubber dome board, there are many out there but that's about it for mechanicals.

Omigod, you FOUND one???!! You would be crazy to get rid of it, unless you really dislike it and find something else you like better!  I have one (actually I have two, but one of them isn't working perfectly). I've been doing a huge amount of research since my keyboard stopped working, as it suddenly hit me that these keyboards might not live forever. There is NOTHING OUT THERE that has exactly the same range of adjustability. Nothing.

I won a CK Comfort keyboard in a raffle (believe it or not), and it might work for me, but I needed to rearrange the order of the sections. I got them off the base OK, but I can't manage to put them back on.  Even if I could get it back together, it might not be as good as the M15 because, regardless of the angle at which I adjust the pieces, they will be higher than the M15 and I'm not sure about that.

There is an IBM M15 for sale on eBay now starting at $550 -- I think this is kind of high because it doesn't have a numeric keypad.


--- Quote from: Meg;222509 ---There is NOTHING OUT THERE that has exactly the same range of adjustability. Nothing.
--- End quote ---

Actually, I have one with a much better range of adjustability but it's not mechanical.

Didjamatic, that's a picture of the Comfort keyboard that I won, or a very similar model. In a sense, it does not have the same range of adjustability as the M15 because the pieces must remain anchored to the base (notice I said "exactly"). Yes, you can adjust the angle every which way (and supposedly the position of the pieces). I don't know what I'm going to do with this if I can't re-assemble it.


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