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Why aren't my posts being counted?

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You may find that your post count is not increasing, despite making posts and actively engaging in discussion on the forum.  This is due to the way the various subforums are setup, such that subforums directly related to keyboards and keyboard activity will count posts, while those related to chatter and buying/selling will not. 

Since this has come up as a discussion point many times in the past, I figured it was high time to officially document which subforums do and do not count posts, as an easy reference for anyone curious. 

(Note that if you do want to check your "unfiltered" post count, you can do so by viewing your Profile -> Show Posts -> Click to the last page, and see the post number listed next to your oldest post)

Subforum NamePosts CountedSite Announcements and FeedbackAnnouncements/Feedback/SuggestionsYKeyCon 2019KeyCon 2019Ygeekhack CommunityNew MembersNMeetupsYKeyboardsY--Keyboard of the MonthY----KotM ArchiveYKeyboard KeycapsYErgonomicsYReviewsYgeekhack MediaYInput DevicesYOther Geeky StuffYOff TopicNgeekhack ProjectsMaking Stuff Together!Y--DIY Discussions ARCHIVEYgeekhack MarketplaceVendor ForumsN--Vendor FeedbackN--ClueboardN--CM StormN--GeekKeysN--HendyZoneN--IMSTON--KailhN--KeyClackN--KeyPop.netN--KprepublicN--MassdropN----Keycap Set Design ContestN--MatiasN--MechanicalKeyboards.comN--Mekanisk.coN--OriginativeN----Originative ArchiveN--Signature Plastics / PimpMyKeyboardN--techkeys.usN--The Keyboard CompanyN--UKKeycapsN--VarmiloN--Zeal PCN--zFrontierN--VelocifireNInterest ChecksYGroup Buys and PreordersYClassifiedsNArtisan ServicesN--Artisan FeedbackN--Bro CapsN----The AthenaeumN--Clack FactoryN--[CTRL]ALTN----The GallowsN--Hammer WSN--HOT KEYS PROJECTN----HKP MemoryN--Hunger Work StudioN----Bingecap ArchiveN----HWS ArchiveN--MiMiC CablesN--Pexon PCsN--RAMA WORKSN--TMK Keyboard ServiceNMember Auction LinksNGreat FindsNPrevious Events ArchiveKeyCon 2018YKeyCon 2017YKeyCon 2016YKEYCON 2015YGEEKHACK SIX ANNIVERSARY CONTESTSYKEYCON 2013 CHICAGOYKEYCON 2014 ORGYKEYCON 2014 LIVEYKEYCON 2014 MEDIAY

Great resource for people unaware about the post count process. :thumb: Thanks for this, Hoff!

Thanks for this.

We've sort of had a general idea, but it's nice to have the rules all collected in one place.

what about all the posts that got lost during the attacks :( but wow my ratio is pretty bad :D


--- Quote from: Sifo on Fri, 14 June 2019, 22:48:49 ---what about all the posts that got lost during the attacks :( but wow my ratio is pretty bad :D

--- End quote ---

Any lost posts are lost, sadly.  :(  And if there is ever another hard count of posts like happened last summer (?), you may see a similar shift in post count.  How exactly the forum normally keeps up with this is unclear to me. 

LOL, I think most users have a pretty high ratio of off-topic to keyboard posts.  :))


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