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Keycon 2024 - Artisan Panel Recordings



The artisan panels from Keycon 2024 have been uploaded! Apologies for the audio on the first recording, I was dealing with a bit of feedback that couldn't be corrected until after it had concluded. More info on them available in the link, but here are the panels and who the panelists for each were:

Artisan Panel #1 - Bogan Caps (Arium), Hello Caps (Hello?), LevelCaps (9999hp), and Rubrehose (badchad)
Intro to Artisan Making - Bogan Caps (Arium), PrimeCaps (DanklyFrank)
A Visual History of Artisans - PichaelThompson, Rmendis and CPTbadass from Tactile Zine
Artisan Panel #2 - Hunger Work Studio (Binge), Maison of the West (R3wfio), Mastonon (Mastonon), PrimeCaps (DanklyFrank and Lisabella), and special guest GAF (Kudos)


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