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Great Finds Subforum Guidelines - New here? Read me!


Welcome to Great Finds. I'm revisiting what this subforum is for to give some idea of the intended moderation style here.

Simply put, Great Finds is for posting links or other leads that will assist a Geekhacker in obtaining what you're posting about. As such, if you post a link to a product on a website, it should ideally be direct to the product, be viewable without needing to log into the linked site, and be an active listing or one that is significantly likely to restock.

[*]Please do not post links to your own items for sale. We ask that you instead create a Classifieds post. If you are a larger scale vendor, please contact iMav regarding a vendor subforum.
[*]It is encouraged to post links to listings which are still open and available. If you find something really neat which has already sold and want to post it for information's sake, that's not a huge problem, but do make sure you check the first couple pages of great finds to make sure it hasn't already been posted when it was still for sale.
[*]If you recently bought something that you consider a 'great find' and want to post about it, that would be more appropriate for it's in the mail or what did you get in the mail today? as these subforums are intended to showcase your stuff.
[*]Do not post referral links (where someone viewing or buying via the link you provide will cause you to benefit in some way). If they are in a format where the referral code can be removed from the URL, they will be edited. If they are in a format where the referral code cannot be removed from the URL, your post will be edited or completely deleted as appropriate.
[*]Keep your posts relevant to the item being discussed in the thread as much as possible.
[*]If you know of coupon or discount codes, it's OK to post those along with the link as long as the vendor does not have a policy against this.
[*]If you know of an in-person (that is, there is no link to view it online) great find, that may be appropriate so long as you fully describe how to get the item or where it is, etc.
[*]Try to be descriptive with your thread titles. If there's room, try to hint at the location and site/retailer - for example, "eBay US" for items listed on eBay in the United States. This isn't required, but is a courtesy to other members as we have users from across the globe.

This thread is open for discussion if you have any questions the greater community may share, or you may feel free to PM one of the moderators.
As with other subforums, posts can be reported here. If someone appears to be breaking either an overall site-wide rule, or one of the guidelines listed above, please report it and it will be addressed.

Disclaimer: at the discretion of the moderator reviewing your post(s), discussion which belongs in another subforum is subject to being moved without advance notice, with a temporary redirect link being left in its place. Posts that violate rules and/or carry no on-topic relevance may be subject to deletion. These guidelines are subject to change in response to community needs (in which case, retroactive corrections may be performed "as they are discovered" if the link is still valid).

Enjoy, and again, feel free to let one of us know if you have any concerns.


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