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Mail Forwarding (proxy) Service


This is a reference of users who are willing to forward items internationally. People are listed alphabetically by username, and any conditions or notes they have will be listed, too.

Any users also wanting to help out should PM me, and I'll add them to the list. If it gets to be long, I'll break it up by country, then username (Alphabetical)

Please PM the person in question and work out the details via PM. Click on their name to PM them

Update: calmb4thepwn is offering a proxy service from South Korea. There's a chance he can get things shipped for much cheaper than usual. PM him for details.

dorkvader (PM)

--- Quote from: dorkvader ---I live in the United States, and will proxy items to other countries. I have done this for some members already.
Keep in mind that the USPS is the cheapest way to send items internationally, usually.
For items under 4 lbs, they can go via First class mail international
For items 4 lbs and over, they must go by priority mail international

Price is rises with weight more than size, so keycaps can be pretty cheap to mail.

Terms and notes:
1) I prefer you pay for the item yourself, and have it shipped to my location, but you can alternatively pay me and have me buy it.
2) I am currently only set up for PayPal, but I am willing to accept other forms of payment.
3) I would prefer to only proxy keyboard related goods, though I do make occasional exceptions. Just ask.
4) I am sometimes willing to cut the box down, and repackage the item, to save on weight.
5) I am willing to take pictures, inspect items, etc. Just ask.
6) It will take me a few days (up to a week) to get the item repacked and brought down to the post office.
7) Please leave feedback via Heatware (click)
--- End quote ---

Hoggy (Click to PM)

--- Quote ---Location: Isle of man (UK)

Service includes -
Unpacking and testing with AquaKeyTest.
Repacking so it's suitable for international post.

NB: If the seller uses a courier service, shipping to the Isle of man can be expensive. If they use normal royal mail, it's the same as anywhere in the UK
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Mandolin on Wed, 05 June 2013, 04:06:24 ---I'm willing to act as a proxy from latin american. Located in Valdivia, Chile.
To get the cost of shipping to the US PM me. Ref: 67 € to send keycaps to spain and 92 USD to send a model M to the US. Arrives in 4 days, and tracking number is provided always. Only express shipping is available in my city for international parcels:
--- End quote ---

OrangeJewce (PM)

--- Quote from: OrangeJewce ---Hi guys!

I have decided to take the torch on this. I will do the same thing that WhiteFireDragon has done, and offer proxy services from the United States for members of the community. I will employ the same rules he did, with the following addendums:

1) Payment must be received prior to ordering and shipping your package.
2) I will accept payment ONLY in the form of Verified Paypal as a service, or Amazon Payments (preferred)
3) I will only proxy items you cannot get natively at retail.*
4) I reserve the right to refuse to proxy for anyone, if need be.

*I will check for this, but may make an exception. I'm a pretty reasonable person.

Remember, this is for you guys! Send me a pm if you need something, and we'll coordinate from there.

--- End quote ---

Prdlm2009 (click to PM)

--- Quote from: prdlm2009 ---Location: USA
I am willing to ship anywhere.  I may ask for a couple extra dollars to cover the cost of packaging and such.

--- End quote ---

RougeR (PM)

--- Quote from: RougeR ---Add me to the list im happy to proxy from the EU
and am UK/France based.
--- End quote ---

ZcHuer (PM)

--- Quote from: ZcHuer ---I've been getting a lot help from the community and I think it's time for me to do some returns. :) I am in Beijing China, and I am willing to offer needed mail proxy service from here.
--- End quote ---


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