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The C70 is our compact 70% keyboard designed that was designed by community members. You can read more about that here. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the keyboard or future runs leave it here!

We had rumors of it was planned.. We waited.. We still want it... We need a ISO C70  :p

I gotta say, the layout is growing on me. ISO and split backspace would be very cool.

And I definitely understand why you felt you had to create your own custom software to program the firmware (for all I know it might even be good!), but are there plans to support QMK too?

Been waiting for the iso version for a year or so now lol

It's not a quick process with Uniqey is it... In January they said that a Nordic set for was "under manufacturing already". It's almost as if that wasn't true or something...

Where’s the OSX software?


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