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Should we add an "Introductions" forum?

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I personally think it would be great to have a special forum for Introductions.

That way, new people can post about themselves, other people can read more about people on the site, and we can find out how people are finding the site.

The way the forum would work is that every person would start their own thread.  Then, it would be easy for others to go in, find a certain user's thread, learn about them, comment, and essentially build community.

If we do it, all the regulars would need to create a thread, even though we aren't really "new."  It would just be to kick-start that forum, set a precedent for new members, and talk about ourselves on a personal level for what may be the first time on this forum.

Obviously, everyone is free to give as much or little detail about their real life as they wish.

What do you guys think?

Yay or Nay?

I don't really have a preference, but if there were one, I would participate.

I voted "no preference" because I'm not sure that we have enough new members to make adding a new forum just for them worthwhile.  I do like that we don't currently have a huge list of forums, but if iMav and the rest of you think we need a new one, I wouldn't be against it.

The current forum list just BARELY fits on a 1024x768 screen without scrolling, if you leave the scroll bar at just the right place.

And, the offtopic forum already covers this, and we don't get THAT many new members...

I vote no.

I vote no too.  Usually, when there's an introduction, one posts it at the "keyboards" forum anyway. :)


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