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Replacement top frame for Rapid i and Novatouch?

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Cooler Master - you guys used to sell just the top frame for the QFR.

Can you guys sell a replacement top frame for the new Rapid i and Novatouch? I'm working on a paint job for my Novatouch but would love to experiment with other types of colors and textures.


I am also looking for a replacement frame for the Rapid-i. Hope CM Storm comes out with something soon  :D

Does Cooler Master check this forum anymore?


--- Quote from: awhitedev on Thu, 09 July 2015, 22:00:38 ---Does Cooler Master check this forum anymore?

--- End quote ---

The two CM mods, Carter and CM-Rajiv, were last active yesterday and December respectively, although neither of them has posted for a month or two since their last login.

Carter commented on the Novatouch thread like a week ago and PMed me about a week ago. He's still around but idk about this subforum.


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