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Should the Wiki be made part of Geekhack Media?

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I was just thinking - I get the impression that a lot of new users don't know about the Wiki until someone points it out to them (and have seen posts where new members have said as much) At the moment it is rather obscure for something that contains so much useful information. Perhaps moving it into the main body of the forum would make it more accessible to people?

What about a sticky? Something like a "READ THIS FIRST" thread for resources. Newbies and experts alike would probably benefit from it.

Personally I think the way the Wiki is implemented now is absolutely terrible. I think it took myself over a month to find it as well. It should somehow show up on the main page (forum overview) for sure, or should have its own flashy button (not actually flashing of course) in the menu bar.. or something like that.

we have a wiki?

LOL I like the new guy, welcome to the forums!


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