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Mod Note: post feedback for GON's KeyboardWorks in this thread.

--- Quote from: GON on Mon, 01 August 2016, 08:53:28 ---Dear guys,

I could not log-in Skype so far... I lost my password.
But I could manage to recover mine and logged in.

I will keep logged in to be in touch.

I will answer the calls if I'm not too busy or in bed.
But would you give me some help?

I could not log in the skype at first because I could not answer all the calls rushing in...
But I decided I should not logged out, because I have to be in touch.
I would not be able to update all your orders at the right time you called me, but I will talk with you so that I can give you trust that I won't run away. ;)

My Skype ID is the same


Anyone who visit Korea can meet me at Somerset Palace Hotel in Seoul.
I have my office here. Very near from travel sites like Insa-Dong or Old Korean Palaces.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: GON on Mon, 01 August 2016, 09:02:26 ---Dear Guys,

I'm not a scammer.
But I can't ship full-assembly orders right away...

I'm rarely taking full-assembly orders these days...
(Some of you would know it. I told recent customers to delay their assembly order because I can't work on it now.)

I will consult all the customers who would place full-assembly kbds, so that they can make a right decision.
I'm delaying assembly orders, not to be taken at the moment.

I'm on-line at Skype.
Anyone can contact me if I'm not too busy, driving a car, or in bed.


So sorry guys....

--- End quote ---

Hello users,

The mod team is currently undergoing an artisan/vendor review of GON, and will update this thread with more information as it comes. We will be attempting to contact GON during this process. Sorry for our delay in getting this started.

Please share any recent experiences if they have not already been posted in one of the other threads in this subforum.

GON was last active today.

It's a shame if another established member has gone AWOL.


--- Quote from: rowdy on Wed, 20 July 2016, 06:00:37 ---GON was last active today.

--- End quote ---
He hasn't posted since jan 2015.

Any more feedback? Positive or negative!


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