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Help me fix QuckFire TK row of keys not working after damp cloth cleaning



2 weeks ago I cleaned the top of my QuckFire TK keyboard with a damp cloth. Upon returning to my PC hours later I found that a row of keys from LSHIFT to - key isn't working anymore, RSHIFT works fine.

A week after the keys were not working the keyboard received a solid punch to the top and all the keys started working again. Sadly this only lasted for about an hour and then didn't work again. Same thing happened last night, all the keys started working after receiving a punch and they kept on working for 4h+, but this morning they stopped work again.

Here's a pic for reference:

And here are more detailed naked pics. I've tried looking for a bad solder or a bad connection but I just can't see anything wrong and I doubt that I could spot anything besides a bad solder anyway.

Can anyone help by telling me what to look for in what spots, what common problems are etc., I've seen some other threads with bad solder but couldn't find the same thing on mine.

Thank you!


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