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Ergo Pro USB port broken


My Matias Ergo Pro micro USB port has given up the ghost - making the keyboard pretty much worthless. Does anybody have any experience fixing this? Or is it time to get a new keyboard? I wouldn't mind paying Matias to repair it but the response to my email to them says that they are unable to repair them as they are manufactured overseas.

I have the same issue. Took the keyboard to a mobile repair shop, he couldn't fix it.

I fixed mine. It wasn't pretty.

First, I found no way of just replacing the original micro USB. One because of its tiny SMD mount, two because it would still break again (no support around it - that metal thing doesn't help that much). And third, because I couldn't find one to buy...

What I did: I soldered four wires on the proper places in the board (keep in mind the D+ and D- are reversed). I removed the 2 '000' resistors and used their seatings for those wires. For the 5v and GND, I scraped the varnish off the board and put the wires there. Then I put the metal brace back and filled the whole thing with hot glue.

Then I hot glued a board outside of the keyboard, with a PCB connector and a full-sized USB type B (the printer one). And a lot of duct tape.

However, now it won't work with faster USB (2+) because my wire "extension" isn't shielded or has the proper impedance. Anyone reading this: use USB cables instead, strip the heads and use the correct colors, keep all the wires with the same length. And keep in mind that the GND and the outside of the USB connector are not the same thing (USB calls that "drain wire", not GND). The other side of the board has an easy GND around, I scraped the finish and put it right there.

Here is the hack I came up with, it's easy to do with my skills and tools and the result is pretty clean :



I just came by to thank you, this saved my Ergo Pro from being tossed. It's a shame that the build quality is this poor because I'm really quite fond of the keyboard in general.

I'm looking forward to many more hours of excellent typing with the occasional bit of angry shouting at the keyboard.


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