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Poker with oneproduct case, billiards keys + niqmods

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Well they took a bit longer than we first thought, but it was worth the wait for these cases from oneproduct's group buy, the shade of blue looks amazing, pictures don't really do it justice.  Thanks dude!

The thing I disliked most about the poker was how light and flimsy it felt in the crappy plastic shell, that's all changed, this thing has some serious heft now.  All the PCB flex that was present in the plastic case has been taken care of too, thanks to the fact the PCB screws directly onto an aluminium plate, it's very refreshing to type on, cherry blues have never felt so nice!

I added some slightly raised feet at the back to give it a bit of angle as it was a bit too flat for my liking initially, I'll try find some thin white feet to replace the small black ones to keep my OCD happy :p
I've dressed mine up with some white pbt caps, billiards keys from i3oilermaker's group buy, niqmods RGBY, nyancat + token GH key!

poker2 by jonnybastard, on Flickr

poker3 by jonnybastard, on Flickr

poker4 by jonnybastard, on Flickr

poker5 by jonnybastard, on Flickr

poker6 by jonnybastard, on Flickr

Very happy with the end result  :)

man that's looking very nice! and I know how awesome it feels cause I'm typing this from my oneproduct poker! (mx reds though!)

Cheers!  These cases transform the poker nicely, its a shame they weren't more popular.

Yeah I think they are fantastic! The only thing my OCD brain finds a fault with is how the corners are discoloured in comparison to the rest of the case.

Your board really looks fantastic though. The blue NIQMODS key goes really well with the case.

how much does it cost? . I heard its the most non-pinging keyboard out there, because theres no steelplate put in the keyboard.

Otherwise, since they didnt put the "steelplate" does that mean the build quality of the keyboard suck (sry for harsh words to Poker fans, still learning about the Poker keyboards) :) thx in advance


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