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KeyCon Screen-Printed Poster Group Buy/Interest Thread.

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Quick update! I got 7/9 minimum required commitments, but I figured, "what the heck!" and told the printer to get started.

I'll send some PMs in the next day to everyone who said they were interested so I can send an invoice via Paypal or square cash or whatever you prefer.

I know I'm new here, so here's my heatware page:

And of course, as soon as I have prints in hand I'll make sure to take some photos and upload them here.

Thanks everyone for helping to make this a reality!

Posters are in! I picked them up from the printer tonight. After close inspection it looks like only 17 are really up to snuff in the quality department. One poster had a rip, two had some grey ink spill on the edge, and one has an incomplete pull (missing ink in a small area).

Here are some photos. If anyone has been on the fence, this would be the time to decide. Once these are claimed they're gone!

Full poster. These are 12.5x19". I'm not going to cut them down. I like the look as is. I think I'll run to Ikea and frame it in a way that looks nice and post that so people can get an idea of how to frame this.

Here are the "LOVE" keys. You can see the registration isn't perfect, but that's what makes screen prints fun. Also, the overprint effect of the grey, red and blue worked out really well in my (and the printer's) opinion. To think he doubted me.

"KEYCON 2017." The depth of field isn't helping here. The text is, in fact, very sharp. Again, this is blue on red and it looks awesome.

A little keystone. Welcome to PA!

I really like it, super excited to pick up a blue one at Keycon!

Looks great, thanks for running these!  :thumb:

Here's a quick bump to say I have a few of these available still. Let me know if you're interested. See you all Saturday!


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