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[IC] KBM Bioluminescent | GB Update - Indefinitely delayed for now

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KBM BioluminescentA glow in the dark Dyesub set

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InspirationInspired by sea creatures that invoke that natural bioluminescent glowJellyfish, coral, starfish, squids & octopus

Glow in the DarkThe intention for this set is to be glow in the darkThere are no renders depicting this as I want samples to speak for themselves and will be available shortly


DeskmatsThere are minor changes to these deskmats that will be apparent it updated samples. Including solid black edges

Renders - By Beesley
TypeBox - Its.Hymn

Man60 & Man40 - Geon

Glare TKL - Geon

Interest Check Form

GB Details
Expected GB Date: TBD
VendorsUS - OtaKeebsEU - KeygemCN - ZfrontierCA - AlphaKeysUK - ProtozoaJPN - BasekeysOCE - ALLCAPS

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Special thanks to everyone who supported me through the design of the and dealing with my constant pestering ensuring things are on scheduleOtaBen, SpikedSynapse & The KCC Discord Server

 :thumb: Good luck with IC!!!!

Damn that's a fine looking keycap set.

Okay, this does seem look quite fire

are they doubleshot or reverse dyesub? judging from the novelties my guess would be dyesub?


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