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--- Quote from: cthalupa on Tue, 05 March 2024, 12:51:33 ---We've had some very preliminary sample work done for DCD and things are looking good!

--- End quote ---

Excellent, that's quite quick turnaround!


Initial novelty samples from Drop. We've approved the cream color and the watercolor effect on the novelties. Please note these are shot from quite close with a macro lens with a very bright color matching light, so some of the texture is catching the light with the caps and making it somewhat appear like there are small spots lacking dyesub ink where there should be - this is not the case.

We're still not ready to send out emails to customers to prepare for ordering from Drop, but we'll update here and in the BeesKeys discord as soon as we are.

A Disclosure of Customer Information form is currently in the process of being sent out by Otakeebs & KBM to all Group Buy participants, of which I can also share here, for those who do not have access to that email any longer.
Disclosure of Customer Information Form

Drop is in process of sending emails with gift card vouchers that will bring the cost of your order down to $1 when the sets are ready for purchase on Drop - looking to be the second half of June. The email includes detailed instructions and information on how the process works, what the gift card value is set to, what items it covers, etc.

If you notice any inconsistencies with the details in this email you can reach out to Beesley on Discord, use the contact form at , or reach out to Drop support.

People will be able to utilize their coupon codes on June 27th, 6:00AM PT and get their order for $1 + free shipping.

Extras pre-orders will go live at the same time.


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