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Reflection | A dual-mount XT FRLTKL (GB starts Oct. 20th)

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ReflectionAn XT FRLTKL by Han Boards

Reflection Notion PageNotion page for Reflection. Feel free to check it out for more detailed information.
IC Form | Discord | Han Boards

Design Summary


Reflection features a three-piece / three-tone design with a silver base, copper weight, and top color variants. It is an XT FRLTKL (basically a TKL with the F-row removed and a macro column on the side). The board features a large swept cut copper weight that follows the curve of the top piece side profile. The front of the board has a cherry lip of sorts - with the lip being the deepest in the middle and gently flowing into the chamfer on the side edges. There is a gentle cut on the sides and back of the board to give the perimeter some flair. Two engravings are present - one left justified on the back of the board and one on the underside of the board (see Inspiration). The mirrored engraving on the aluminum bottom is half the depth of the one of the copper weight to give the appearance of a “reflection”.


The board features an internal screw system to keep the weight design as clean as possible. The final screws will be black oxidized and recessed slightly below the plate to be as hidden as possible. The aluminum inner frame has an open bottom so the copper is effectively a through weight giving a nice contrast on both the bottom as well as the inside of the keyboard. The daughterboard is installed upside-down with the cable being colinear with the PCB molex connector eliminating the need to bend the jst cable in a channel. There are small press-fit bumpers placed next to the screw holes to eliminate any chance of case ping. There are no adhesives anywhere on the board so it can be unassembled fully.

This keyboard is largely an homage to my home country of Bangladesh. The green colorway is based on the country flag and the engravings are inspired by Bengali architecture.

The image above is a photo I snapped of the National Martyr’s Monument. Not only does it have a lot of cultural significance representing the events leading up to Bangladesh’s recognition as a sovereign nation, but also has been praised for it’s architectural excellence. It towers over the surrounding garden space and really is a marvel to behold.

There is also a small pool placed in front of the monument - when viewed straight on, this gives a nice reflection of the entire structure. This is why I chose to name it “Reflection” and added an mirrored engraving of Bengali script on the front side of the board which states the name of the board.


v2 Prototype - Sand

v1 Prototype - Green

Collab Renders w/ KKB Alhambra


Scene Renders

Color Renders

Green (anodized)
Black (anodized)
Brown (anodized)
Silver (anodized)
Sand (e-coat)

Sound Tests
Prototype v1: Carbon fiber plate built with Punkshoo Runners and GMK Botanical r2 (Nainaigogo)
Prototype v1: Aluminum plate built with Obscuras and GMK Wasabi (Nainaigogo)

Technical Specifications

General Details

Material (case): Sandblasted 6063 AluminumMaterial (weight): Sandblasted Clear-Coat CopperVariants: WK and WKLWeight: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)Typing Angle: 7 degEKH: 23mm Plate Options: Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, PP, POM - full/half options (determined by IC)Colors: Green, Black, Brown, Silver, Sand


* Split Backspace
* ISO (solder only)
* Split Right Shift
* Stepped Caps Lock
* 10U Spacebar (7U and 8U stab placement)
* 7U bottom row / 6.25U bottom row (WK only)
PCB Details

Type: Solder & HotswapStructure: 1.6mm FR4Processor: STM32F072Software: QMK/VIALSwitch Type: MXESD Protection: Onboard FuseDaughterboard: Custom DB - based on UDB C3Cable Type: Molex EZMate
Mounting Options

Gasket Plug MountThe gasket plugs are secured into the plate tabs and the overall assembly is dropped into the bottom case. The top case is then placed over it. This should make for a more flexible typing experience.
Burger O-Ring Top MountThe plate is fixed to the top chassis using a screw and two small o-ring gasket pieces. This provides a stiffer typing experience overall.

Group Buy Details

Kit Contents

* Keyboard case (top, bottom and weight)
* Aluminum full plate (other plates will be extras)
* Custom daughterboard and Molex cable
* Gasket kit
* Top mount kit
* ESD protective sheet
* Assembly hardware
* Geon rectangular feet
* Carrying case
* Microfiber cloth
The group buy will take place on October 20th and will end on November 20th.
Expected fulfillment is end of Q1 2024.

Price & Quantity
Pricing will be between $440 - $475 depending on configuration. See below image for details


* Han Boards - USA
* ProtoTypist - International
Content Line-up

* Nainaigogo
* nearLucid
* TheKeyCircle
* CaptainSterling
* Keypothecary
* Alexotos
* Xinxinwong
* Eleagnifolia
* Kimlynnwin
* LightningKeyboards
Thank You

* Jan, Nainaigogo, and MatthewDias for causing me great distress at all times
* My friend MelghiDoodles for providing the art for the board
* OCM for transforming the artwork to the keyboard world
* Olivia (OJ Designs) for the fantastic render work
* Jan (again) for the insane pictures

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--- End code ---


Ordered a new prototype in the sand colorway

* Added bumpers near the screw holes as a force-break mechanism
* Increased side bezel width slightly to match the interior bezels
* Thickened plate tabs slightly to avoid deformation
Updated the original post to include a design summary


IC Form Results

* Green, black, and sand will definitely be offered. The other ones will most likely be seeing the level of interest.
* There will be a WK version which will have 6.25U support.
* There will be a hotswap PCB with all the same compatibility except for ISO.
* The plates offered will be aluminum, carbon fiber, and PP.  (tbd on half plate options!)
* I will design and get quotes on a foam kit. TBD on if it will be offered during the GB. At the very minimum, it will be open sourced for people to get foam cut.
Next Steps

* The sand prototype will arrive to me in mid-June.

Current Progress

* Changed PCB MCU to STM32F072 - the MCU change allows for many more combo options for the macro cluster
* Added prototype pics to the album
* Added collab pictures with KKB Alhambra - a very cool set that you should check out!
Next Steps

* Waiting on v3 plate - beefed up the tabs a bit due to the edges of the board being too flexy
* Announce vendors - waiting on one more response
* Finalize pricing

Current Progress

* Ordered final prototypes (including one in a new brown colorway) - will arrive to me mid-September
* Pricing tentatively set at $450 - $475 depending on options
* GB tentatively set for mid-October to mid-November
Next Steps

* Schedule content
* Announce vendors

Updated page with all group buy details! The group buy will be ran from Oct. 20th - Nov. 20th and will be vendored by Han Boards and ProtoTypist.

Looks interesting!
Definitely worthy of the 10u spacebar support.

in for 12

Board looks fantastic! Sign me up for one already. Really excited about the added 10u support too!


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