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Reflection | A dual-mount XT FRLTKL (GB starts Oct. 20th)

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The curves are amazing, GLWGB


--- Quote from: n1l on Mon, 25 September 2023, 19:03:28 ---I am curious as to why you chose to handle the vendor process by yourself (USA)?

--- End quote ---

Good question! We've ran group buys before and are fully set up to house the incoming materials, do QC, and ship in a timely manner for the US based orders. I don't imagine this GB to be on a massive scale by any means given the response to the IC so I believe the team that I have locally has the experience to fulfill ourselves CONUS.

Added a small explosion diagram too for anyone curious. GB is set to go live 2 days from now! Will be posting the GB page shortly.

The GB thread has been created!

The GB is now live!

USA Group Buy Page
International Group Buy Page

I hope you will consider Reflection for your next purchase  :D

Please follow along the GB thread for all updates moving forward.


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