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[IC] A Unique Cherry Vintage Brown Felling Switches--Chazhu Switches

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Aregs Keyboard:
Revo Studio, working with JWICK, creates the ChaZhu(Teazhu) switch, a tribute to Cherry MX Vintage Brown switch.

When creating, Revo tries to close the typing feeling of Cherry Vintage Brown switch, that adding Linear feature before tactile, which makes the tactile feel very lighter.

The housing material is made from nylon. The team modifies it so that the switch being much smoother and reducing noise.

For every 100 people added to our channel we'll havea Giveaway!
Our discord:


Tactile (light tactile)
modified Nylon Housing
Modified pom stem
Total travel 4.0mm
Pre-travel 2.0mm
operating force 45+/-5gf
bottom force 60+/-5gf
18mm spring
Manued by JWICK

Sound Test:


Impossible to have a correct sound test if you do it on a keyboard with foam

Is there a Canadian vendor?

another advertisement.  this isn't an interest check as you have already designed and released the product. 

Aregs Keyboard:

--- Quote from: HungerMechanic on Tue, 30 May 2023, 12:49:15 ---Is there a Canadian vendor?

--- End quote ---
We are only offering it for sale on NLandkeys, but only charge five dollars for shipping cost to Canada


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