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[GB] W70 | A keyboard with car tail light | in production

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A keyboard with car tail light - designed by WPJ

Hello again everyone, we are WPJ. After a long period of preparation and production, we have finally decided to launch our W70 group buy.

As enthusiasts of both anime and cars, we aimed to incorporate these cultures into our keyboard. Thus, we designed this unique keyboard kit, featuring a beautiful tail light. We are grateful to the many friends who participated in our IC and provided us with valuable suggestions for our design.

For more info please check our IC post


Semi-transparent PC light cover     |     Aluminum coloured light cover

Color options:

Special edition

Car Tail Light.    |    Mech Purple.    |    Mech Blue

Color Edition

Green & Gold   |   White & Red    |    Red & Black    |    Yellow & Black  |  Pink & White

Black   |    McFlurry    |    Soy Milk   |    White   



Layout: 65%+
Mounting: Top, Gasket, Spring (like a car suspension)
Case: 6063 Aluminum CNC
7u spacebar
Kit Weight: 2.14 KG
Dimensions: 341.5mm x 126.9mm
Stainless steel and copper weight
QMK/VIA supported
1.6mm non-flex cut hotswap ANSI PCB and 1.6mm non-flex cut Solder PCB (support ISO layout with no form no plate build)

Hot-swap PCB Layout

7U space bar

3+1+3 space bar

Step Cap

Solder PCB Layout:

What's included:

6063 Aluminum CNC top and bottom cases
2 pieces PCB included: Hotswap and solder PCB
4 pieces Plates: PC, POM, FR4, ALU
1 set of foam kit
Feet and screws

Weight Pack:
Color edition has Plain weight pack
Special edition has unique designed weight pack

Tail light cover:
Colour edition has PC Tail light cover
Special edition has PC Tail light cover and extra Aluminum Tail light cover.

All editions included 4 plates: PC, POM, FR4, ALU

All editions included 2 PCB:
1.6mm non-flex cut Hotswap ANSI PCB
1.6mm non-flex cut Solder PCB (support ISO layout with no form no plate build)


Special thanks for ALEXOTOS
Scheduled Twitch streaming and Youtube video the end of May.

Short video about W70 prototype

Alexotos review: Alexotos W70 review scheduled on May 29, 2024 EST (GMT-4) 1:00 PM

GB start time: May 20th 2024
GB has ended early.

We aim to shorten the group buy delivery time as much as possible, so we started production early in March. Therefore, out kit quantity is limited 100 units.

Expected delivery in Q3 2024 (The end of July or Aug)

Special edition: 449 USD
Color edition: 419 USD

Any updates will be posted here and our Discord

Group Buy Link:

Lastly, I want to thank everyone who showed interest, supported and provided suggestions and assistance in our projects.

Hope you all like our project. Have a wonderful day!

Approved :thumb:

Reminder that updates must also be posted here in the GB thread in addition to any communications in your discord server
Yes, Sir
Alexotos W70 review scheduled on May 29, 2024 EST (GMT-4) 1:00 PM  :thumb:
Thank you all for your support. We sold out in less than half the time we expected.

We are now in production phase.


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