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Any Ploopy users on here

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Due to hand issues I've been doing a lot of research on trackballs. Anyone here own a Ploopy? I understand it's based off an old Microsoft model.

The price is a bit steep for something 3D printed that you need to build yourself, in fact some may say the price is downright stupid for those very reasons. But hey, I'm a trackball noob and would love to hear any hands-on because people are swearing by these things.

literally none?  :-\

I am waiting for the new self build mouse that they are putting out after the initial launch.

they could not have chosen a worse name for something that resembles a turd

i got the mouse version, was just delivered earlier this week. already using it as my daily mouse.

this is what i've been waiting for, for years! there have been a number of open source pmw3360 input devices (and i've already built one so far), they work well but all had minimal options in the firmware implementation. the ploopy solves this problem and then adds even more functionality on top of that.

between compiling the firmware to your liking as well as the VIA compatibility to remap the buttons on the fly it's truly a dream come true.

... apologies if i'm gushing.


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