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[IC] GMK Gŕseann 2 (GB May 3rd)

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GMK Gŕseann 2

It's coming back. This time around with R5 bottom row and extended support for most of the modern layouts.

IC form
R4/R5 bottom row survey

I love WoB and I love sublegends (who doesn't?). This set already became a classics.
I stay true to original with the colors, style of mods and purse caps lock as well as sublegends being UV printed not doubleshotted -- color is what makes it pop to me among the other sets. And of course being a classic set, it deserves R5 bottom row. ZF granted me a permission to make second run and they will be one of the proxies for this round too.


Colors: WS1/CR + AE UV for sublegends


F13, split bars and second B not in base?
There is a lot of things I wanted to add in base as well as do something good for the community (the same way I did an icon mods addon when running WoB Red Cyrillic). But unlike WoB Red Cyrillic, I wanted this set to be less self-contained and offer compat for earlier rounds of WoBs and current one that on Drop. You can think about extentions kit as missing keys for other WoBs. Extentions includes support for single and double XT row with R4 and R5 compat (and yes, it's stays "PF" as "Programmable function" not "M" -- because it makes more sense in my head this way), split bars support, 6u centered spacebar, F13, another B, windowed keys and various other keys. If you have a suggestions on what else to add to this kit, please let me know in the feedback form below.

All of the legends placement now follows the official US-International layout.

In detals

* ², ³, €, ¥, «, » glyphs now following legend order how it's in the layout itself (Alt Gr + 2 gives ² →  legend takes first order (bottom left), Alt Gr + Shift + 1 gives ¹ →  legend takes second order (top left), same rule applied to the rest). I get why it's done how it's done -- to keep the logic of same group of sings in one row but still think the proper placement is more important.
* since | and ¦ are different legends in unicode and they both present in the layout, I decided to kept both applying the same rule as above, ¬ repositioned according to rules (fist sublegend with Alt Gr activated goes to bottom left)
* xbox delete bsublegend is gone, there is no place for it and it would ruin the logic on mods if I'll try to put it as a front print xbox backspace sub exists on alternative pipe
Rest of the changes

* ¨ legend was outdated and got replaced, same goes for Ç (props to Lightning)
* Control and Lock sublegends on the Caps Lock and Control buttons repositioned -- it's just stylistic desidion, I think it looks better this way
* "Num" + front print "lock" now just "Num Lock", same for "Scroll" + front print "Lock"
* UK-ISO front print
* full "page up" and "page down" instead of their shorter variants
Shout out to: fropsie, Bachoo for old renders, Jae for helping with ISO, Poes for picture of R1, Skok for current renders



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