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TUTKEYS Black Sugar Bobo

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Hi all, this is SoSo. It’s been a while – today, I bring you the interest check of TUTKEYS Black Sugar Bobo, my latest design.
The design inspiration for Black Sugar Bobo Milk Tea comes from Siamese cats, and its biggest feature is that its face is relatively black, and when paired with beige fur, it looks like Black Sugar Milk Tea. Coincidentally, my friend has a colorpoint british shorthair named “Black Sugar”, so the cat kit was named Black Sugar.

By Shipkie

Black Sugar Bobo & Bubble Tea
The Black Sugar Bobo keycaps will be manufactured by TUTKEYS, and the design theme happens to be milk tea (but not entirely), so we collaborated with OneKey to design this set of keycaps.
The Black Sugar Bobo keycaps uses the same characters with Bubble Tea series, and using the Alpha part can be paired with Bubble Tea keycaps.

Modifier Kit

Alpha Kit 1

Alpha Kit 2

Novelties Kit 1

Novelties Kit 2

Novelties Kit 3
*The novelties [2 * 2] & [2 * 3] will be given as gifts

Numpad Kit

There may be changes, please refer to the GB post for accuracy.

Violetta by Sososoya

U80-A by Rama.Works

M65-A by Rama.Works

NAGARE80 by OneKey

If the order includes the body, any topping, and any option of Black Sugar Bobo, you can receive an additional gift Neko ” Black Sugar”.
If you are interested in this set, why not join my Discord server? I will post updates on the latest progress of Bobo from time to time there.(I will communicate with you using Google Translate XD)
Discord server:
The renders may differ visually from the final product. In case of any discrepancy between the renders and the final product, the final product shall prevail.

omg YES take my money! I will buy every kit.

Hahah this is very cute and such a nice set!

Love the set, the cat pic is adorable thanks for reference



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