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[GB] GMK Rainy Day R2 (May 15th - June 15th)

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GMK Rainy Day (round 2) Group Buy

May 15th - June 15th!

About |

After such great feedback from Round 1 and after more requests than I was expecting, I wanted to bring Rainy Day back for a Round 2 with improved kitting, new deskmats, and the same great colors from Round 1.

Important Notes:
- The colors will be the exact same as Round 1. The renders may look slightly different than the Round 1 renders. However the final outcome should be identical or extremely close to Round 1. Photos of the real physical caps are below.

Colors |

Base Kit:

Spacebars Kit:

Hangul Kit:

(NOTE: sublegends in render are not perfect. GMK legends are a bit thicker. I will either tweak this render or just ask that you reference my picture of round 1 keys)

International Kit:

Novelties Kit:

Deskmats |



Round 1 Photo Gallery (Courtesy of CannonKeys and my awesome Discord members) |

HIBI Artisan |

Raw aluminum "cracked sidewalk" with clear anodized finish

Themes |

Rainy Day - Dark (Firefox)  |  Rainy Day - Light (Firefox)

Rainy Day - Dark (Chrome)  |  Rainy Day - Light (Chrome)

Pricing |

Base Kit - $115.00 | 134,99
Spacebars - $29.00 | 34,00
Novelties - $29.00 | 34,00
Hangul - $49.00 | 58,00
International - $46.00 | 54,00

Hibi - $45.00 | 52,00

Streetlight Deskmat - $18.00 | 24,00
Stonewash Deskmat - $20.00 | 26,00

Please note that pricing may vary slightly from vendor to vendor.

Vendors |

United States: Cannon Keys
UK: ProtoTypist
Europe: Keygem
Asia: ZFrontier
Oceania: DailyClack
SEA: iLumkb

Fulfillment |
Estimated time of fulfillment is November 2024. Please keep in mind that lead times can change and this estimate may shift over time.

Support the project with a Forum Signature |

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Join my discord for updates, support, themes, and wallpapers |

Approved :thumb:


Edit: revised to match final scale

How are the figures looking now?  Is this gonna run?


Edit: revised to match final scale


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