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[WTS] GMK Stealth (keyset, desk mats, posters)


More to come as I prepare timestamps ^-^

Have a few sets of GMK Stealth + accompanying items for your consideration; all are BNIB/sealed (whichever applies)

<Timestamp>    GB thread for reference

SeriesCategoryKitPriceGMK StealthKeycap SetBase$125GMK StealthKeycap SetBlackout$110GMK StealthKeycap SetNovelties$50GMK StealthKeycap SetExtension$60GMK StealthKeycap SetNumpad$50GMK StealthKeycap SetSpacebars$40GMK StealthDesk MatBlackout$15GMK StealthDesk MatHUD$15GMK StealthDesk MatHorizon$15GMK StealthPosterAlpha$5GMK StealthPosterBeta$5
Desk Mat Bundle: $35 shipped CONUS for all three desk mats
Open to other bundle offers for any/all items :thumb:

As always, let me know if any pricing is off the mark and I will adjust accordingly

Edit: Updated with current availability



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