Author Topic: Skyloong GK87 RGB Hot-Swappable TKL Keyboard Kit REVIEW  (Read 1599 times)

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Skyloong GK87 RGB Hot-Swappable TKL Keyboard Kit REVIEW
« on: Fri, 07 January 2022, 19:28:03 »
Good budget case but there are a few gotchas
Great budget case. It is a plastic body keyboard which has north facing LEDs, supports 5-pin and is hot-swapable. It was also relatively easy to open (look online for examples of how to open the case) and mod. I did a foam mod for mine with Kaihl Polia switches (lubed) and the Artifact Bloom keycaps. With this combination, it is one of my favorite budget keyboard to type on.

A few complaints and words of caution to share:

    The plate doesn't hold switches particularly well. If you are prone to swapping keycaps, be prepared for the switches to get pulled out with them.
    The USB-C is very recessed making it very hard to use a custom cable if that is what you want to use.
    The software leaves a lot to be desired.
    There's something about the LEDs that just do not look appealing. I wasn't too concerned with the lighting effect and I have it turned down and try not to look at it.
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