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SP-Star Dark Magic Girl review


granola bar enthusiast:
Hey all!

A few months back I had gotten a pack of 75 Dark Magic Girl switches from Divinikey and I have been loving them since! These would definitely be one of my favorite tactile MX-style switches if it didn't have the leaf issues.
The switch utilizes a 67G bottom out spring that is solid and I didn't notice any ping but I would reccomend bag lubing them with oil to make sure there is no crunch or occasional ping anyways. I would say the switch is a fairly mid tier tactile being around the area that's a bigger bump than the Ergo Clear but not being in the Holy Panda range (imo i think these are a bit too strong for me). Their bump is P shaped and rounds out a lot more after lubing the stem. I lubed these pretty generously with Trybosis 3203 lightly on rails and HEAVILY on the stem and stem-legs, although not much tactility was lost. While these have a 67g spring I would say the bump hides some of the heaviness and makes it feels like a 62g switch. Now for the bad part of the switch... the leaf, the leaf consistently has slight ping or noticeable when the switch is actuated, maybe this is due to it just being a more mediocre leaf and the P shaped bump leaves off too early? I don't know and the bump strength and leaf were what ruined this switch for me, I think my next route is to see if I like Topre or check out the Cotton Candy Switch. Overall I would rate this a solid 8/10 switch. Would like to know more about why there is the slight noise on actuation although


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