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Clear Top Jwick Switch Review


granola bar enthusiast:
Hey all!

A few days back I ordered some Clear Top Jwick's from ThockPop and after lubing them with Trybosis 3203 (it was all I had okay) and filming them with Deskeys films I was quite happy with them! They utilize (i think at least) the same lower housing as the JNL (Jwick Nylon Linears) except with a Polycarbonate Clear Top to allow for RGB. This provided a more poppy sound and slightly smoother feel than the standardized Full black Jwick's or JNL's but I would still consider this to be worse than the Jwick Yellows. I didn't experience them sounding thin in the slightest and they sounded actually quite full and had a middle-ground pitch which I suspect is due to it being a sort of "factory frankenswitch" of the JNL with a PC top.
Overall just like most other Jwick's by far better than an Akko Rose Red or a Gateron Yellow at only 23.5 cents a switch at ThockPop


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