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Keydous NJ80 keyboard review (Gateron Pro Yellow)

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--- Quote from: CaesarAZealad on Tue, 26 April 2022, 21:18:03 ---"I've been playing a lot of Fallout 4."
Isn't self harm against youtube guidelines?

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Nah man, Fallout 4 is great!

Buggy as hell of course because it was programmed Bethesda, but a good game for sure!

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I mean I vehemently disagree for various reasons, chief among which is how they massacred my state (Fr if you're playing it as a native M******* it feels like they were trying to piss off locals :P) but who am I to say someone is wrong for enjoying it?
Oh wait this is the internet. You're wrong and stupid and I don't like you and you're a big meanie head >:(

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The thick Boston accents in the game were quite glorious if that's what you mean 8) .

I agree though, most of Fallout reminds me of Barstow, California. Not been to the East Coast yet, hope to do that at some point as well. My sister bought an apartment in New York so I may hop over at some point :D .

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East coast is a great time! Not as hot and sunny as Cali or the west coast but you'll be glad you came. Just make sure to practice your driving skills, our roads are TERRIBLE (What do you expect of a former British colony :P)


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