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i-Rocks keyboard update video (i-Rocks "v2" Clicky)


Ermagherd, a new video type :p . Pretty surprising update from i-Rocks to their K76M Fun keyboard - a few small changes resulting in a massive difference in quality. Hope you enjoy the video!

"Lighter than alps switches"
Already out the window. I've been daily driving the 75g Clickiez for a couple weeks now and I cannot go back to anything lighter than Ambers. Even my oranges feel more akin to MX Browns (Though obviously they have a somewhat noticeable tactile bump)

I think these switches are very interesting, because it's good to have some non-MX that still fit MX keycaps.

We need more ALPS-like options like this.

Many people prefer SKCM Orange and Blue-level tactility, so hopefully we get more of that [from Zeal as well.]


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