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Title: The End of lurking as i know it | New here
Post by: liblame on Fri, 10 September 2021, 09:05:51

i am more of a lurker but decided to come out of my shell and join this community. I am from germany and am 35 years old. Gaming is a hobby of mine so i used mechanical keyboards from the big companies. Never knew what could await me behind the preconfigured keyboards but here i am now.

Build my first keyboard 3 weeks ago (gmmk pro with black ink v2) and build two more since then (nk65 for my girlfriend and a tofu65 for work). Yeah the money sink is real here. Learned of the joy of lubing the switches and building the keyboard so these wont be my last ones.

So yes, here i am now and i look forward to talk with a lot of you guys.