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Building First KEYBOARD


Im trying to find the right board to build for my first DIY project. I have been looking around on a few sites and I like the look of the kbd75 v2. I like how it has the small acrylic panel on all sides of the keyboard to show some light and I like the two tone color. The only thing that it is missing is per key rgb. Do yall have any suggestions on a cool board.


ID80 ?

"What is the best entry-level custom keyboard" is a question you will hardly find a definitive answer for. Most people would say that the KBDFans TOFU with a DZ60RGB PCB is your thing, because it's available and cheap. However today we have better options like the NK65 entry edition and the Rama Kara, which are wonderful for their price.I really recommend the former, it's a steal for the price and it is able to get you into the keyboard scene at a price that you can spend without breaking the piggybang.

Thanks I will take a look at the ones yall recommended. I bought a switch tester and I like the kailh box blacks and jades. I know these are lower ended switches do you guys know of similar switches.


switches are all personal preference. use what you like. and there's noting wrong with inexpensive switches.


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