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New old guy here
« on: Thu, 09 September 2021, 08:52:48 »
Hi, newbie here, but old. REALLY old. So old my first keyboard was a Chicony KB-5181. And that wasn't by choice, that was what was available. And I still have it. Anyway, looking forward to building my own keyboard, and I will need some guidance. I currently have a Keychron K8 and changed the keycaps to pudding to capitalize on the RGB LEDs. My work keyboard is a Logitech G413. Sadly it is acting up (they replaced it once already). I would like a Keychron C2, but they will not be in stock for a while. I have researched building my own 104 or 96 (yes, I need a numpad), hot-swappable, rgb, but I've run into issue matching up pcb, case, and switches, so here I am to get some knowledge from the pros.