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Best modding plateforms


Hello again.

I'm currently trying to get into the whole mod part. But due to an overly "don't touch anything don't break anything" education, It's still hard for me to do some permanent changes. It's even hard for me to open up stuff, if they aren't broken. (On a Side note, That's why I fell in love with the software part of computing. I can do the **** I want and always start from scratch again if something goes wrong).

So, I want to start off with "easy stuff". The main objective is to find stuff that is dirt cheap(so I'm not afraid to mess with it), and easy to mod (means there is enough room to add things, etc…).

I'm mostly interested in mech keyboards (obv) (can be numpads too), and trackballs.

Thanks for your input.

DIY projects are fun and addicting. Don't get nervous because you can only learn and it's fun! After my first few DIY projects, I became much more confident in my own "handy work" Taking apart your electronics is a part of what being a geek is =)

My logitech trackball mod was dirt cheap and simple. The trackball itself is only 20 dollars. There's a guy on this forum that said he has a couple more to sell for very cheap so you might want to ask him. He replied in my trackball mod thread.

Another ridiculously easy mod is switch swapping. If you really love your software so much, then making your custom input device will be so much easier. For me, the software requires much more work than hardware, so in my eyes you have a big advantage over me.

Best of luck to you! Post pictures =)


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