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Hi guys,
I'm new here =)
Found this interesting forum thru Google
I've been looking for a new keyboard lately...mainly for gaming ( no ghosting or key conflicts, although i understand that most of the mechanical keyboar ds would have no ghosting )

I've previously used the "Steelkeys 6G" ( which features the BLACK cherry keyswitches... However, I didn't really like it as much, I'm actaully looking to try the Brown keyswitches :o but i dont really know much about key switches.  

Was wondering if any of you has any suggestions?

I found this really nice keyboard from " KBtalKing " ...I'm not sure if any of u guys have heard of it...but it looks really nice.

Thanks in advanced:)
I'm looking for any kind of suggestions!!

Oh and does any1 know where to buy the KBtalKing keyboard?:)

You should try the Filco Majestouch, since that too uses brown Cherries.

Is the KBTalking made in Taiwan?  I'm thinking that the manufacturer that make that keyboard also makes the Filco, as well as some other keyboards.  Can somebody say Strongman?  Maybe, maybe not.

For gaming keyboards, you need a keyboard that has the n-key rollover feature.

how long will it take for the Benippon site to ship it to U.S ?(how much is the shipping?)

I'm pretty sure the KBTalking is made in Taiwan...
it looks so similar to the Steelkeys 7G and the Filco
but I know for a fact that 7G is NOT made by Strong man..but i have no clue about KBtalking : o

aside from Brown switches..what's the most responsive key switches?

Depends on method of shipping.  It's all explained on their shipping page.  EMS takes about a week to a week and a half.

The most responsive one I have is the IBM 84-key AT keyboard, which at one time was able to register 39 keys at once.  If you look at the n-key rollover page in the link I provided above, you'll find out what other keyboards can register several keys at once, not simply pressing asdjfkl, but other key combinations, such as 1qaz, qwas, fghj, etc, in other words, pass the n-key rollover standards that we so far have established.  I hope I said that correctly.

thanks for the info :o
but by responsive i meant like...
how easy it is to press the keys... between like brown , brown and blue?i'm not sure if that's all the switches

But i was reading sum other thread
apperently "blue" is really easy to type on?


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