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[GB]Vast60 r2- 60% gasket keyboard--Finnished
« on: Tue, 29 June 2021, 22:28:28 »
Hi Everyone,

We brought 100sets vast 60 R2 this time. As for suite, It seems to be have nothing to introduce. The information will be the same as the  IC.
I am sorry that we can not meet someguys' requirements. I hope we can meet your requirements next time. We have done most of what the guys want.Finally, thanks to the support and encouragement given by all.

Buying page :
Interest Check Thread :
suite price:200USD(include platform fee and paypal fee)
GB will be released at July 2th, 8;00(Beijing time, and closed at 6th 8:00 .shipping after GB closed 2 months or less.

Kit information:
Typing Angle: 6
Construction: Gasket mount
Case options:
         Aluminum: anodized red, anodized rose gold, E-white, E-black,
         Poly carbonat:frosted 
-Plate options
        FR4: black
        PC:white frosted
1.R2 added half-plate (the missing parts will also be provide to customer)
2 Add the rose gold, cancels the blue
3. Gasket rubber has been upgraded from 1.5mm to 2mm
4. Brass weight is added to the bottom case, and PC Uniform plate is provided
5. Provide two pieces of poron sheet of 2mm used in bottom case and one piece of 2mm poron sheet Compatible with hot-swapped pcb
6. The new logo design, if you choose RGB PCB, the light will be exposed from the hollow position.
7. Added brass logo plate on left side of keyboard



Q:What quality can be achieved in the finished?
A:Allows some blemishes that are usually not seen when the keyboard is assembled or built. This can be anode or tooling marks. Small color differences between different same-color parts can be seen as well.
Q: Does the suite include pcb?
A:No,most of 60% layout pcb are suitable for this ,such as KBD DZ60,you can buy it from other website
Q:shipped all over the world?
A:no,Some countries are not open to purchase (because the customs clearance of destination country is particularly difficult)
Q:Does the price and freight include import duty?
A:no,not contain import duty and Delivery costs for remote areas
sound test:

for latest update,pls follow:
Update history:
2021.06.30 GB pre released
2021.10.10 shipping completed
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Re: [GB]Vast60 r2- 60% gasket keyboard
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Re: [GB]Vast60 r2- 60% gasket keyboard
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Re: [GB]Vast60 r2- 60% gasket keyboard
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Is it a baby Jelly epoch?