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Hey ;) It's J_Arno. Gamer turned enthusiast.
« on: Sun, 20 June 2021, 06:50:52 »
Hey all, thanks for stopping by, please allow me to geek out. I've constantly been on the search for a good board ever since I moved on from my Razer Black Widow 2013. A bad run in with a Corsair board, a very fortunate unnecessary upgrade to a Ducky Mecha Mini, and here we are. My Mecha Mini was a gateway drug, I found a vid of Brandon Taylor on YouTube modding it with Glorious Pandas and GMK Dualshot. A month later, I started down an expensive, time consuming, and very fun rabbit hole. It's been a joy taking it to work, slapping it down at the lab to game with the boys, and writing my papers.

So, here's my board. KBD-Fans D60, Brass Plate, Zealio V2 Tactile switches (light amount of Krytox 205g0), Durock V2 Stabs, and Ducky doublshot PBT keycaps.

The album:

The sound test:

Happy to share, thanks for letting me.