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Plate file unavailable, where do I go to have a plate scanned?

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I extensively use ortholinear, so every keyboard that comes out I need to copy the plate and make my own layout.
Some provide the dxf/plate files available but for new arrivals it's generally not the case.
I'd like some direction on how to have a plate scanned and cut from those of you who have experience.
I'm also more interested in the cheaper plastic materials rather than metals (FR4, POM, PolyCa, acrylic, etc)
so any info on the cost for those services would be appreciated.

Thanks for the help.

what board are you talking about?
if you or a friend have a flatbed scanner?
- easiest is just to lay it down & scan it
- recreate the outline of your particular plate (the part that interacts with the rest of the case)
- then add your layout to the file, i usually use KeyboardLayoutEditor, Swill's plate builder, and make some manual adjustments if needed

as far as what vendors to use... i'm not sure, i've made a bunch of plate files for other members but haven't ordered any myself.

I'm not sure if it needs to be a specific type of scanner or something for it to be accurate, and would I need a caliper to measure the thickness?
At the moment, I need a plate file for the new kbdfans d60lite.


--- Quote ---I'm not sure if it needs to be a specific type of scanner

--- End quote ---
nope. any flatbed scanner will do, or a multifunction printer sometimes can scan to the computer
lay it on the glass and scan it at 300dpi

thickness.... 1.5 for mx, 1.2-1.5 for alps (1.5 being about the max that they will still clip in, but 1.2 is the standard for alps)

the lite.... ok, that has the little tabs for the gasket mount. not quite the standard 60% plate....
like this right?

to something like this

i'm an ortho guy too, so right there with ya.


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