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Plate file unavailable, where do I go to have a plate scanned?

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Yeah, Im trying to do builds outside of tray mount so plates are gonna be a bit custom for those.. Good to verify about the scanner.
One thing that would really help us ortho guys is more plateless keyboards in the future!
And with the layout, I'm going for a Boardwalk with the 1.5u edges

ok. that works too.

more tray mount... i hear ya, i definitely prefer plateless myself.
check these out. sony's plateless adapters.... might be exactly what you're looking for.

i had another forum member getting ready to build a new board and sell off their kbtalking pure case. (great, heavy cast aluminum case, standard 60%/poker tray mounts). if you're interested, i'll put you in contact with them.

Also, if you don't have access to a scanner. You could probably take to a ups store, FedEx office location, or even a camera / photo shop and they should be able to scan it and put it on a thumb drive (you provide).

Thanks for the response!


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