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What does the nipple need to work?

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Has anyone ever swapped a real trackpoint into a EnduraPro?

no, but now you're giving me the itch to :D

It needs to be massaged and to feel comfortable, don't pressure her too much or she won't lactate.


--- Quote from: mkawa on Tue, 07 August 2012, 16:05:50 ---so there was a great thread on this in the archived mods forum, but unfortunately all the pictures were gone. thankfully i have an SSK II with TP I can pull apart to show you how it's usually wired up, but the basic idea is that the strain gauge and the encoder are on one chip, and then that has a flex cable that wires it to the main keyboard and mouse controller, which presents a PS/2 mouse to the host device.

i believe this is how it's wired up on all the modern lenovos as well. the flex cable ends in a ZIF, but if someone were to reverse engineer it, i bet interfacing with it and providing a usb mouse could be engineered into a gp micro platform like the teensy or arduino boards..

--- End quote ---

Thanks. It is exactly the reverse engineering that I am unable to do, but I could solder most anything. So there is no chance of buying, for instance, the keyboard that Zvika links to and poaching its internals? Actually, that keyboard looks perfect. If I could mod that with reduced-spring Key Blues, I think that i would have the perfect buttonplank. And that _is_ a mod that I am capable of. Hmmm.... that thing is a third of the price of the Race I just bought.

well, it depends on what the internals look like. i've had a couple of those in my time, but unfortunately i gave them all away.


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