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Keyboards / Re: New in box Ortek MCK-101FX
« Last post by fohat.digs on Fri, 21 September 2018, 13:38:25 »
Doubleshot Alps caps in multiple colors are very desirable too.
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB]EXENT - 65% made by TARO (In production)
« Last post by dr_derivative on Fri, 21 September 2018, 13:30:01 »
Unfortunately I have tried everything I know to do to rehab and get my PCB working properly, but no luck...

Although I hate to even ask this. Does anyone have any ideas (DIY or otherwise) on how I could potentially buy a third party PCB (and plate if necessary) that would fit in the Exent? Its not the ideal solution but I'm low on options.

Could another PCB fit the Exent plate? If not, is there a third party plate I could use (even if I had drill screw holes, etc)

Thanks in advance!

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the catweewee guide isn't working can anyone help me out with programming?

following the guide i don't get the BAD all across the table but otherwise it flashes and some keys type numbers like .0,12..0,13..0,12.

any help would be appreciated.

I've also tried all the advice so far given through Reddit links, Github, etc and still no luck.

I have downloaded the Bootmapper client from WKL for macOS. 
Cleared the EEPROM and 'firm up' with the NKRO.hex file.
After this, the mac just does not recognise the board at all.
I have tried different usb sockets and different cables.
Tried LCTRL for reset as well as 'U' + 'P' and '0' - nothing works.

I also downloaded drivers for atmel chips.

My next thought is to try using a PC (instead of mac) however I do not have access to one.

Can anyone please help? I just need the mac to recognise the board to start with and I might be able to at least do something after this point. Are there any pins that would reset the board?

To put the board into bootloader mode you hold backspace (or the left split backspace key if you use split backspace) while plugging it in. I think the left ctrl is a mistake in catweewee's guide (it is left ctrl for a lot of other ps2avrGB boards but not the Exent). Not sure if it'll fix your problem though


Did you ever get this working with QMK? I am having some trouble with bootmapper client on macOS.

Mine's sort-of working with QMK, but it still needs a bit more work. I'll post a guide here if/when it's properly working.
Off Topic / Re: Wasn't ready for this relationship
« Last post by sncbraxsc2 on Fri, 21 September 2018, 13:19:44 »
They probably already think/know you aren't outgoing, so don't be R00D and lie! It'd be risking more than a group discount!

Its nice of them to invite you anyway - what do they like to do?

Keyboards / New in box Ortek MCK-101FX
« Last post by Wazrach on Fri, 21 September 2018, 13:13:44 »
Hi guys! I was extremely lucky to grab a brand new in-box Ortek MCK-101FX from Ebay. It's a bit flimsy and feels a bit plasticky, but for 29.95 shipped - I really cannot grumble. The switches are unbranded clicky Alps clones. Any idea what they are, who made them and how reliable they might be? There isn't an awful lot of information online.
I just got a second duplicate invoice after paying my invoice yesterday fyi. @Gghi
Hey I just updated the description on the meetup page and added some of our early sponsors and special guests! 🙏

I am very happy that we get that much support and I am super excited for November! See you there! 🤩🤩🤩
Interest Checks / Re: [IC] GMK Wavez (Novelties kit UPDATED 09/17/2018)
« Last post by EnjoyMyInSec on Fri, 21 September 2018, 12:59:26 »
Absolutely love the current novelties kit and am grateful that you separated the arrows from it as the price would probably be stupidly high if it were all jumbled together. GB WHEN!?!?

I'm not sure if this set will go through MOQ without being hosted on MD though... more niche of a color/design choice that I pray I'm wrong about because this is such a unique and cool idea.

let me prove you're wrong ;)
Group Buys and Preorders / Re: [GB] GMK "Mr. Sleeves" Addon Kit
« Last post by FeelgHoodMuzik on Fri, 21 September 2018, 12:48:31 »
Keyboard Keycaps / Re: Kailh BOX Switches Crack and Stress Keycap Stems
« Last post by Photoelectric on Fri, 21 September 2018, 12:44:57 »
Can confirm, Hako Violets "new version" still cracking stems... Just ruined a JTK set!

Stay away from Kailh switches! NEVER AGAIN!

Where did you get retooled Hako? I wasn't aware that they were released and both I:C and NK pages still list the warning.

I got them here:

Their pictures still show the old stems with extra protrusions on the horizontal part of the +.  Can you inspect your switch stems with a magnifying glass?  To be sure you actually did get the smaller retooled stem?

Keyboards / Re: Let's talk about the g810
« Last post by Aelon on Fri, 21 September 2018, 12:10:39 »
I am using Logitech G810 since December 2016, It's been almost 2 years that I've been only using this keyboard for typing, programming and gaming and I like to share my experiences:

Unfortunately I think there are some serious problems about this keyboard. I will list them beginning from worst ones...

1) Keycap stems/legs break!

As you can see from the photos I took, especially the small ones are prone to breaking more and what's worse is the broken parts also get stuck in switches stem housings...
I think Logitech definitely need to change either the material of keycaps, the design of keycaps, the design of Romer-G switches or ALL altogether. This is not acceptable. The keyboard is falling apart. (I don't know which keycaps stems broke or about to brake I haven't checked them all one by one. But I think it is more than 10. The cracks on the stems began to appear on most of the switches I use.)

2) It's Romer-G switches CHATTER!!!
Even tough Romer-G switches were especially made with double contact mechanisms to eliminate key chattering for multiple key registers, unfortunately it stills chatters horribly :(
It suddenly started chattering like may 2018, got worse at july and august and now at September 2018 chatterings magically began to reduce. Altough past 4 months I am near seaside and weather is both very hot and humid. I believe moisture/humidity/dampness basically water vapor concentration in the air is primarily responsible for key chattering but I can't be sure 100%. (Not only that but sometimes the key doesn't also register at all even though I press it!! And I think this is even worse than chattering but thankfully it happens much less frequently than chattering)
But still I think external factors like moisture/humidity/temperature shouldn't be an excuse for key chattering. By the way I have been applying alcohol treatment to the chattering keys past 3 months!
In my opinion a mechanical switch should be superior to membrane switches in every way!. Not just for typing comfort but for typing consistency as well. A keyboard switch must be dependable in almost every situation 110% of time. I have been using rubber dome/membrane keyboards for more than 20 years and never had a chattering or misregistering key. This is unacceptable. I sometimes use online banking on my keyboard and could you imagine if I type a number wrong because of chattering keys ? Again this is unacceptable. Makes me unneccesarily cautious in those kind of situations.
I am beginning to consider buying an optical switched mechanical keyboard to eliminate chatter.

3) Keyboard has a pinging/ringing noise whenever I press a key. It is not audible when my computers case is in my room because of the fan noise.
But unfortunately my computer case sits at next room. Keyboard, mouse, monitor etc. peripherals are connected to the case through a hole in the wall and my room is dead silent. In this situation you can clearly hear this pinging/ringing noise coming from the keyboard. It's not too annoying but still it would be better if it didn't exist.

4) Feel of Romer-G is "meh". It's not snappy like Cherry MX Brown switches. It's mushy. Don't have a character and it's not very delightful to type generally on them. (But still they are better than rubber dome or membranes of course)

5) RGB lighting is not good. Especially white color is problematic. The best white color I could find is the values: Red:255 Green:200 Blue:200
Other than that for example values like ~255,~255,~255 is either greenish, blueish or pinkish. Besides the white color is not too bright. A little bit brightness for all colors would be great.
It's true that mathematically 256x256x256 = 16.8 Million different colors exist theoretically but seriously only 256 color (like the old computers supported) would be still great IF you could make those color show PROPERLY. (I don't know maybe also add Another 1-10 value for brightness adjustment).
This "ZOMG! 16.8 MILLION COLORS!!!11eleven!!!!" is not working properly as intended. Logitech please find a proper solution to it. Altough of course it's not dead serious also.
But still when your 16.8 million RGB leds could show a white color both as white and bright like a proper one color white LED, I think that would also be considered a big improvement.
Ah also: Altough Romer-G is designed to illuminate the top of keycap, it still "leaks" light to the bottom of the keycap. And since the bottom part of Romer-G switch is blue, this leaked light's color is also naturally blue. It would be better if Logitech can find a solution to this problem aswell.

6) Higher Romer-G actuation point also makes typing errors more. I don't remember making that much errors when typing on a Cherry MX Brown or membrane keyboard. My fingers accidentally presses nearby keys.

7) Software seem inadequate. I can't import/export, save my custom lighting profile. I have to write them down in *.txt" file.

8) It would be better if it also had a detachable cable.


And now for the things I like:

1) Very elegant, modest design.

2) Volume Scroll feel and position is excellent. I can't live without it. It's smooth and big. Also the volume mute button next to it is most convenient. I congratulate Logitech by this decision. I will definitely looking for this excellent combo for my next keyboard.


Overall this keyboard is mostly disappointment for me because of breaking keycap stems and Romer-G switches chattering. Because I was thinking about using it for years and years and years... No wonder they discontinued this product and they are not producing it anymore. I thought Logitech had learned a valuable lesson because of braking keycaps of their G710+ keyboards .. but unfortunately it seems they still didn't learn.
But however I still go on using this keyboard because of my gaming needs and the modification I had done to this keyboard I explained here:

If I can find a better candidate keyboard for my modification, I will most probably abandon my current G810 keyboard (and Logitech entirely) for good.
Please Logitech make more durable keyboards and design your switches so that they won't chatter and misregister at all. Use optical switch technology perhaps I don't know.

Thank you for reading my rant.
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