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Diamond Avalon Switch Review


Hey all,

After having seen these switches plastered all over the place for the past month or so, you had to have guessed that I would get around to them eventually. This week I take a look at the newest twist on the modern, MX-style switch design in the form of Diamond Avalons. Are these uniquely shaped switches pack in a ton of new features and poised to be the future of MX-style switches, or are they just all hype and appearance...?

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As always, thank you for the continued love and support week in and out! Next weekend in addition to my usual Scorecard Sunday behavior I should probably try to do another Q&A session on Instagram since its been a few months since I've done one of those... Come leave a follow to be there for when that session drops!


Dang seems that the hype wasn't really for anything, but ig that was kind of known since it was really only their looks that was sure to be good lol


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