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What other hobbies consume your time?

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Hey all, just curious what other activities you partake in aside from mechs in your free time?

I'm a two sport college athlete so that's what my free time is spent doing usually.

Video games, and EQAO  :-[ . I'm going to get that **** done soon hopefully

Video Games and 3D Modeling/Printing

The latter of the two can tie into the hobby pretty well, but I enjoy it as a standalone as well.

edit: it's hard, eqao. Just wanna get it done and out of the way. My final exam is much easier though because it isn't just random questions.

EQAO is a test that every student must take in grade 3, 6, 9 and 10 in Ontario. Its not fun, especially the math part.

EQAO has been a kick in the face because the questions are so difficult!

I do the same thing every night.

...plan to take over the world.


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