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For those sticking around I apologize for the lack of updates. Bot is still alive and well, here are some changes:

Changelog  v?:
- tracker list and help commands will now only be returned via DM
- tracker list will now include a clickable direct link to associated channel (none if DM)
- added an error message for when geekhack's servers are unreachable
- improved monitoring flow (monitoring delay remains the same however speed should be slightly improved)
- bug fixes

Preferences for either topics and boards can now be set with just ".gw follow". I've combined the two in hopes of better simplicity. The old "watch" commands can still be used.

I've also had to make adjustments to the current database to reflect these changes however your previous preferences have been safely migrated.

Changelog v??:
- merged "follow" and "watch" functions
- added helpful text to message upon successful follow
- adjusted commands list
- more bug fixes

Goofed on one thing with the update

- fixed spamming of board updates

imgur -> Discord embedding is currently broken. Until they fix this issue, messages that include imgur hosted content will be sent imageless

Looks to be working now

I believe the bot is currently slightly broken, it doesn't seem to catch all posts.


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