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about usps shipping and support !!
« on: Wed, 29 November 2017, 20:48:08 »
I ordered one set begei from website: with UPSP checking number is UA370968430US since 6 months ago. In June, I sent a email to originative's supporters. And I received email response with content:
"Sorry to hear that you haven't gotten your package yet! For shipment
to Vietnam, USPS first class international doesn't provide tracking to
your destination. So what happens is that it gets tracking until after
it leaves the US. The only thing I can do for you is to file a missing
mail report with the USPS so that they can look for it. Sometimes, the
package will show up months later. Did you also try to check with your
post office to see if they have any information?"
After that, I checked my post office, unfortunately I couldn't found any result.
I sent another email to originative's supporters  in September, no response from them until now. So, Please tell me what should I do in this case. Keep waiting or find other way to refund my money.
Give me some advices.